HOSSANA - a poem from MIGUEL TORGA: a shout of hope in future


Junquem de flores o chão do velho mundo:
Vem aí o futuro
Desejado por todos os poetas
E profetas da vida
Deixou a sua ermida
E meteu-se a caminho.
Ninguém ainda o viu, mas é belo.
É o futuro…
Ponham mais rosmaninho
Em cada rua,
Em cada porta,
Em cada muro,
E tenham confiança nos milagres
Desse Messias que renova o tempo.
O passado passou
O presente agoniza
Cubram de flores a única verdade
Que se eterniza.

Miguel Torga, Cântico do Homem

Overlay flowers on the floor of the old world:
Here comes the future!
Desired by all poets
And prophets of life
he left his hermitage
And put himself on the journey.
No one has yet seen it, but it is beautiful.
It's the future .
Put more rosemary
In every street,
In each port,
On each wall,
And have faith in miracles
of this Messiah who is renewing this time.
The past has passed
The present is  agony
Cover of flowers the only truth
Which is eternal

Miguel Torga, Cântico do Homem


MY CHOICE  : 12 years or more ( a love dtory and a survuval story)


It's migration time and as a mother gull dives into the water to catch a herring she's caught in an oil slick! Thinking of the egg she is about to lay she manages to extract herself and fly to the nearest port. Exhausted, she lands on a balcony where Zorba the cat is sunning himself. Zorba wants to get help, but the gull knows it's too late and she extracts three promises from him: 1) That he won't eat the egg, 2) that he'll take care of the chick until it hatches, and 3) that he'll teach it to fly. The first two are hard enough, but the third one is surely impossible. Isn't it?


Luis Sepúlveda is a Chilean writer, film director, journalist and political activist. 

He studied theatre production at the National University. In 1969, Sepúlveda was given a five-year scholarship to continue his drama studies at the Moscow University, but it was withdrawn after five months on account of 'misconduct' (he attended a party with a Politburo Officer's Wife, which was considered high ofense).

Luis Sepúlveda was politically active first as a leader of the student movement and in the Salvador Allende administration in the department of cultural affairs where he was in charge of a series of cheap editions of classics for the general public. He also acted as a mediator between the government and Chilean company

Constantinos Cavafis, Ithaka, in Greek

Constantinos Cavafis, Ithaka